We only know one standard - YOUR SUCCESS!

Individual Software Solutions

In order to develop perfect software, we will examine your process in detail and develop a solution together with you.

Standard Software Solutions

Our standard programs were developed in cooperation with several companies in order to meet the needs in the best possible and innovative way.


Our software solutions help you to master the steadily growing challenges of national and international standards.

Our services

Our standard programs are reliable, adaptable and scalable. To ensure the best possible usability, each program was developed in cooperation with several companies and on the basis of standards.

In times of digitization, special programming is playing an increasingly important role.
Our philosophy is to network several programs and use them to design a scalable, partially replaceable, future-proof and profitable solution. Why should you depend on just one company? With modern interface programming you remain independent!

We offer you individual advice and support through to the implementation of management systems for your company. Benefit from the extensive know-how and many years of experience in the implementation of your projects and secure yourself competitive advantages in the medium and long term. Use your existing company potential and transform it into a modern, meaningful and integrated management system.

Adapt your existing management system to the challenges of our modern, rapidly changing times and bring your processes back to the essentials. In doing so, you can meet the requirements of your desired standards or certifications. Show your customers that quality and service are more than just a printed certificate.

About us

We offer much more than “just” advice. Our practical software solutions only know one yardstick - YOUR SUCCESS!

Jörg Sapel — Founder & CEO.

callicon was born from the idea of supporting companies in their business processes with the most efficient software solutions possible for the constantly growing challenges in terms of quality management, documentation, legal security and certification.

Our goal and our motivation is to meet your requirements as effectively as possible!

The callicon team can draw on up to 20 years of experience in management consulting, quality management and preparation for certification (ISO family, EMAS, OSHAS, etc.), implementation of management systems, management of software projects and innovative programming techniques.

By overseeing a large number of projects in the industrial environment, we have the appropriate know-how and the necessary tools to handle our customers’ projects professionally and with a focus on success.

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