Personal Development Manager

The program for holistic, risk-oriented knowledge and qualification management. Generate your individual standard and minimize your administrative effort at the same time maximum transparency and legal certainty.


Organization structure

More than just a tree view! The organizational chart enables you to map your individual company structure and to create maximum transparency! Put as many levels as you want in a neat Tree structure and manage employees in groups. The tree structure clearly defines which instructions, training courses, qualifications and examinations an employee needs. Such an event is always passed on to the lower levels. So you can be the first Assign a briefing level and make sure that every employee in your company is responsible for this Instruction is provided! The organizational chart forms the basis for all program areas.

Event matrix

Define which groups are unique for different employee groups within the organization chart and recurring instructions, courses, examinations and qualifications are necessary are. Through an intelligent inheritance of the organizational chart, assigned events are automatically assigned inherited all subordinate levels. New employees are assigned to the appropriate employee group, everything else is for You done! A change of department is only possible by moving the employee. The rest the program does for you.

Qualification Matrix - Managed

Qualifications obtained through participation in several basic and advanced training courses can be created as a package and within the event matrix the respective Departments and groups of the organization chart can be assigned. All of the resulting Dates for the courses are calculated automatically and displayed in the appointment management. The fulfillment status of the qualification is shown for each employee within the qualification matrix presented simply and transparently.

Qualification Matrix - Operational

Thanks to the operational qualification matrix, all types of necessary qualifications can be obtained defined according to the individual requirements in your company. Place for each relevant level or departments determine how many specialists and experts for each Qualifications are necessary. In addition, an assessment of the existing qualifications for all relevant employees have 5 qualification levels. The modern qualification Status display informs you at a glance of every deviation and shows you immediately which one There is a need for action. This allows you to manage your in-house knowledge and contribute Convincing presentation of certification audits.

Agent entities and orders

Put together packages with all necessary instructions, training, Courses and aptitude tests. Define the number or percentage of people ordered for each order the legal minimum requirements! At a glance you can see the status of all orders as well as the status of each Employees in your company! All due appointments are calculated automatically and displayed within the appointment management.

Appointment management

The appointment management is linked to all parts of the program. This will put all due dates of all types of events displayed on one screen. Extensive filter functions enable a focused view of the situation of all due and upcoming appointments for optimal planning.

Employee status and history

All occupational medical examinations and participation in training courses, courses and Instructions can be viewed both employee-related and event-related. This allows you to see the history of a specific employee with just a few clicks.


The statistical evaluations of many different key figures are carried out in a matter of seconds for each any level. The statistics can also be filtered according to freely definable employee roles become. With the option of a CSV export of the data, you can carry out further evaluations according to Create your requirements quickly and easily.


The practical reminder function is available for administrative, recurring tasks Available. Tasks can be assigned to different levels with individually adjustable intervals be assigned. Due to the extensive user rights, the reminder is the correct one People and can be reported as done.

Chip feedback

Reduce the time and effort involved in feedback by using chip feedback. There your existing rfid chips can be used by the employees.

Occupational medical examinations

Map the most complex examinations easily and clearly in one data set! An examination can consist of up to five different constellations. You can link stress-dependent examinations with specific employee groups in order to e.g. B. to map the noise area. An examination can consist of initial, follow-up and follow-up examinations. In order to be able to map even the most complex examinations without additional effort, each of the 5 constellations can be defined according to age. The whole topic is rounded off holistically through extraordinary investigations.


Employees who have access to IT systems can complete the topics via e-learning, all others are trained face-to-face. The software manages all options minimal effort without double maintenance. You can use your existing files as training content, such as B. a presentation or a video. You can have as many questions as you want and for each Multiple multiple choice questions can be created. In addition, you can choose for each Define a fulfillment rate for training.