Maintenance Concept

The maintenance software Maintenance Concept combines complex functionality with a user-friendly interface. Thanks to our unique algorithms, we bring a steady, solid and risk-oriented improvement process to your maintenance!

MC - Desktop

Organization structure

The individual structure of your company can be represented using a tree structure of any depth. In order to enable a structured and efficient way of working, all data are assigned to one level of the organizational chart! Every level including all levels below can be evaluated in all program parts!


Risk-oriented maintenance can take place through different priorities of the objects or the work orders. Each priority has its own percentage tolerance as to how far a work order can be postponed when resources are scarce.


Objects are containers that are assigned to a level in the organizational chart and can contain any number of work orders. An object has all the attributes needed to represent machines, facilities, etc.

Work orders

Work orders can have one-time and recurring due dates. The due date is calculated using a date, interval, operating hours counter or cycle counter. In order to save your resources, a time-defined standstill of the property is optionally taken into account and the due date is postponed accordingly. You can also specify on which days of the week a work order should be carried out.


Any number of reminders can be created for each work order. These are displayed from a defined time interval before the work order is due and can then be marked as completed. As soon as the work order is confirmed, the reminders are active again and will be displayed again at the appropriate time!

Appointment management

Comprehensive adjustment, filter and sorting functions make appointment management a perfect tool for your maintenance. Meaningful symbols and font colors provide additional transparency. Any information about the object, the work order, the priority, etc. can be shown or hidden as required.


Order data, confirmation data and linked files of all confirmed orders can be viewed with extensive filter and sorting functions. Never look again for invoices, pictures, time sheets, etc. In the history you have all the data at a glance!


Over 20 statistical evaluations, some of which are highly complex, are available at the push of a button. Each statistic can be adjusted in seconds using several combinable filters. With one click applied filters can be applied to other layers! With a CSV export of all filtered data, additional statistical evaluations can be created according to your individual requirements.


The evaluation of the work orders leads to a continuous improvement process for your maintenance! Use your full potential by knowing exactly where too little or too much maintenance is being done! With a holistic view and consideration of the data quality, you will shine with every certification!

Resource planning

Resource planning offers a precise overview of the available and required workforce with minimal effort. In addition, work orders can be scheduled automatically or manually. You will receive extensive and detailed help from the program to make planning as efficient as possible. Employees and their absenteeism, level-related company vacation and weekdays on which the work order is released are also taken into account!

MC - fault detection

Autonomous fault recording

Fault recording is a separate application that allows faults to be recorded where they arise. All necessary data is available through an interface, safe from unauthorized changes. Due to the high level of user-friendliness, the fault recording can also be used by other departments without extensive training.


With direct access to the convenient functionality of the organization chart, you can find the object for which a fault is to be recorded in a matter of seconds.

Disorder categories

The reasons for disruption are saved in a tree structure and offer you the flexibility you need for your company. There are no limits! In this way, you can store any number of reasons for disruption in a clear and easy-to-use manner.

Fault list

View all faults with extensive sorting and filter functions. A CSV export provides you with the filtered data for quick evaluation.


Extensive statistical evaluations are available for the malfunctions. Thanks to the intelligent connection of the fault categories and the organizational chart, there are no limits to the evaluations!

MC - Mobil

Appointment management

The orders are displayed in the appointment management, sorted by due date and priority. By default, the respective user is only shown jobs with the relevant occupational group. The occupational group can be temporarily changed in order to process general orders.

Work orders

The work orders contain all the important information to process the order effectively. All files assigned to the work order can be opened. The special feature is that files can also be opened offline without creating garbage on the mobile device!

Offline mode

The orders can be processed offline. An active WLAN connection is only necessary to synchronize the job list before selecting the next job!


The full functionality is available for the feedback, as in the main program of the MC. The orders are confirmed by confirming the individual subtasks. Information on the working time for the order, wear information and comments can also be entered comfortably.